Portrait Society Gallery presents Vanessa Winship's 'Dancers and Fighters'

2 ago 2010
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© Vanessa Winship

Vanessa Winship was born in the United Kingdom. She completed her BA Honours in Photography, Film, and Video at the Polytechnic of Central London, Westminster University. Winship currently works as an independent photographer and lives in London.

Vanessa Winship’s work is internationally recognized. She has received two first prize World Press Awards (1998 and 2008). Her work has been exhibited three times at the National Portrait Gallery, London. In 2008, she received our most coveted photography prize, the L’Iris D’Or at the Sony World Photography Awards. She has been represented at Agence VU's gallery in France since 2005. This year, she won the prestigious PhotoEspana award, which includes a solo exhibition in Madrid next year.

Vanessa is interested in working with the concepts of borders, land, desire, identity, memory and history, and how those histories are told and how identities are expressed. The visual imagery and use of text in Vanessa's work explores the junction between chronicle and fiction. She has lived and worked in the Balkans and Turkey for nearly a decade.

Dancers and Fighters, on view at Portrait Society, is a series of work she did in the Republic of Georgia, during the past several years. The exhibition is running in conjuction with the J. Shimon and J. Lindemann's Real Photo Postcard Survey exhibition that is currently on show at the gallery. Both exhibitions are open until October 2nd.

Her previous body of work Sweet Nothings, focusing on school girls in Turkey, has generated a book and received much praise. She was nominated for the Deutsche Borse prize and was invited in the summer of 2008 by guest curator Christian Lacroix to exhibit the work at the festival of photography at Les Rencontres D'Arles. Sweet Nothings as well as The Black Sea have recently been exhibited at the Kunsthal Museum in Rotterdam, Holland, at Host Gallery in London, at the Photographers Gallery in London and at the Side Gallery in Newcastle, UK. Sweet Nothings was shown on the Island of Reunion in March and will be showing in Umbria and Milan, Italy this coming October, 2010.

Winship’s newest body of work, Dancers and Fighters, is much like the images of Sweet Nothings. Vanessa first visited Georgia in 2003 and continues to return there to add to this series. She uses an Ebony 5x4 field camera with natural lighting.

The Portrait Society Gallery is privileged and excited to be showing this work. For more information about the exhibition, please visit http://portraitsocietygallery.wordpress.com/

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© Vanessa Winship

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